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Chewing Gum/Graffiti Removal

Our procedure for the removal of Chewing Gum uses super heated steam at 8 bar pressure.

This process injects a biodegradable, non caustic detergent to the Chewing Gum, to dissolve the gum into a non sticky powder that sweeps or vacuums when dry.

Chewing gum removal can be carried out on asphalt, concrete, block paving, metal, natural stone and wood. After removing the chewing gum, we sweep the surface and dry naturally, leaving a clean spot from where the gum has been removed. The spot can disappear in days.

Graffiti Removal
We can remove graffiti from almost any surface. We work closely with our chemical manufacturers to stay aware of new forms of graffiti medium, being used by current graffiti artists.

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