Easy steps to keeping the office fresh

Easy steps to keeping the office fresh

Easy steps to keeping the office fresh

Although Spring & Summer is a great time to revamp outdoor spaces, it is also the time to think about the company’s indoor office work environment. There are many good reasons to blitz the dust away to stop mites from emerging from nooks and crannies.

When it seems as though Summer is on the way, it is the time to ask, ‘How did the spring cleaning go?’ Here are some easy steps to keeping the office fresh as the sun shines brighter. Bring a lease of life into business premises.

Here are some simple steps:


A declutter is an essential starting point for any deep clean to help improve employee attitudes in the office. A tidy, decluttered office can help to enhance visitors’ perceptions of your company. An organised workspace inside a fresh-smelling office can encourage customers and staff.

Removing dust.

Removing dust from the nooks and crannies of your office will feel much fresher and lead to a healthier office environment. Take the time to identify which areas need the most attention – even when you can’t see them at a glance. Why is dusting so important? Dust mites can be the cause of sickness and allergies in some people. While most dust doesn’t cause problems or severe illnesses, it can induce mild reactions in most people, such as coughing. And as we all know, coughing can cause the spread of viruses in air particles. So, the simple task of removing dust makes sense.

Don’t forget the walls.

Forgetting walls during general office cleaning is common, but they need care and attention too. Include a checklist of tasks such as dusting walls, cleaning curtains, washing blinds and any other large areas, like the sides of large filing cabinets, for example.

Polishing the windows.

Polishing windows is the best way to ensure an excellent looking office – both inside and out. Bright, clean windows highlight the signs of cleanliness! Give the windows extra attention to keep the office looking fresh. Don’t neglect the window casings, open spaces and window furniture. If possible, open the windows when the sun arrives to allow natural fresh air to run through to freshen up the workspace.

Finishing the floors.

After completing the general cleaning, give the floor a good clean. A vacuumed floor offers you the reassurance that dust particles are removed, and a bit of extra elbow power with the vac nozzle works wonders.

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