Prevention of Germs in the Workplace

Prevention of Germs in the Workplace

To avoid germs in the workplace

  • Create an infection control plan
  • Provide clean handwashing facilities
  • Offer alcohol-based hand sanitisers when regular facilities are not available
  • Provide boxes of tissues and encourage staff to use them
  • Give staff personal disinfectant wipes, especially for common areas
  • Clean touch points regularly – door handles, desks, phones, shared computers, restaurant menus etc
  • Remind staff not to share cups, glasses, cutlery, and ensure all items are washed properly after use.
  • Remove magazines and papers from waiting areas, common rooms, and kitchens.
  • Consider cleaning a person’s workstation or other areas they have been in contact with, especially if the person is suspected or identified with an infection.
  • Ensure ventilation systems are maintained, and work properly.

Workplace Cleaning

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