Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Benefits

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Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Benefits

Tenants want to receive their deposit in full at the end of a let. However, the only guaranteed way to ensure a total deposit return is to meet every requirement of the tenancy agreement. There will be paragraphs and clauses about the expected condition of the property. Tenancy agreements all differ by landlord and may state:

  • The deposit amount.
  • Responsibility for interior decoration, maintenance and repairs.
  • Responsibility for exterior and garden.
  • In what circumstances the landlord will retain the deposit.
  • Leave the property in the state where you got it, so it is in move-in condition for tenants.

If you don’t have the time – or the enthusiasm – to clean your property to the correct standard, ready to move, then a professional end-of-tenancy cleaning company can help. Professional cleaners are insured. Insurance is crucial if you attempt some cleaning jobs yourself.

For example, if you clean carpets and something goes wrong, you may have to replace their carpets.

A spotlessly clean property is the aim to get your deposit returned. Professional cleaners have the cleaning products, tools, and cleaning machines and will be able to clean upper floor windows inside and out. They also know how to ensure a sparkling clean oven and hob.

Cleaning Checklists for end of Tenancy Cleans

Get a quote from your end-of-tenancy cleaner to see what they include in their cleaning service. Ask for complete details to check that it matches your tenancy agreement. Some cleaning companies may then need additional fees for carpet cleaning, oven cleaning or window cleaning. Professional end-of-tenancy cleaners work with landlords and tenants and might think they know what you require, but it’s always wise to check.

It’s not unreasonable to ask your landlord for a cleaning checklist or final inspection checklist. Mention that you want to ensure the cleaning is at a suitable standard. The list might include the following:

  • Fresh & clean smell throughout.
  • The bins are empty and clean.
  • Kitchen appliances are spotless.
  • Clean tiles and grout.
  • Clean, shiny mirrors.
  • Window blinds are dust-free.
  • Clean sills and skirtings.
  • Clean switches and sockets, free from finger marks.
  • Clean wardrobe and cupboard tops and interiors.
  • Clean washing machine, including rubber seals and soap dispensers.

End of Tenancy Top Cleaning Tips

Would you be happy moving in without cleaning the property again? If there is anything that springs to mind, clean it again. Here are some ideas that might help you to clean to the correct standard:

  • Are any of the appliances, fixtures, fittings or furniture broken? Replacing broken items yourself is likely to be cheaper than waiting for a bill from the landlord.
  • Read your move-in inventory checklist to remind yourself about any issues noted on arrival.
  • Landlords and letting agents will not be hunting for problems. They want to ensure they don’t have to spend any more money cleaning the property for the next tenant.
  • If you have done everything necessary, they will happily return your deposit as they don’t need to waste any more time, effort or money on the property before letting it again.

Don’t forget to ask your letting agent or landlord for an inspection checklist.

And if you know you’re never a thorough cleaner, pay for professional cleaners for an organised clean that gets your deposit back.

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

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