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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Because you only get one chance to make a first impression.

HOST® has been the premier method of carpet cleaning for over 50 years.

These are the benefits of our dry carpet cleaning method:

  • Walk on the carpet immediately after or even during cleaning – meaning no downtime and no ‘locked-off’ areas while cleaning is taking place.
  • Neither system leaves any chemical residues behind which attract dirt and cause rapid resoiling of the carpet fibers.
  • Neither of the systems contains bleaches or acids and they do not emit any noxious fumes or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which may lead to health problems.
commercial carpet cleaning
commercial carpet cleaning
  • Both cleaners are 100% biodegradable and contain safe chemicals which meet and exceed Health and Safety guidelines.
  • All dry extraction systems use significantly LESS water than any hot water extraction methods, conserving water resources.
  • Independent studies show that the HOST® System reduces Dust Mites by 78%; Dust Mite Allergen by 75%; Cat Allergen by 85% and Mould Spores by 85% – improving the Indoor air Quality any working environment and improving effectiveness of staff.
  • The envirodri® and HOST® systems are certified and approved by WoolSafe®, Green Seal®, Brintons Ltd, Desso and many other high quality, commercial carpet manufacturers.

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Our success is attributed to our effective techniques and solutions that ensure every inch of your carpeted area is spotless. We guarantee that no area will be neglected during the cleaning process. To achieve this, we take the time to move furniture (if not being used) to clean the carpet underneath. This way, we leave no unclean carpet areas on your property.

Afterwards, we will perform a comprehensive cleaning of the carpet, whether it is a wet or dry method. Wet cleaning involves the use of steam and water, which is effective in removing the dirt and debris that have accumulated deep within the carpet fibres. Our team of experts will use their specialised cleaning products and steam to extract the grime with ease. However, if your carpets are delicate and cannot handle moisture, we will utilise dry cleaning methods that do not involve any water.

If you are uncertain about the most suitable carpet cleaning method, don’t worry. Our professionals will conduct an initial evaluation of the space and the carpets, and then suggest the most appropriate options for you. We will never propose a cleaning technique that could potentially damage your carpet.

commercial carpet cleaning
commercial carpet cleaning

Our team of experts are equipped with the latest cleaning tools and chemicals that guarantee a professional and tidy office space. From coffee and tea stains to more stubborn marks such as mud, wine, food, and chewing gum, we have the expertise to remove them all. With the help of our shampoo and specialist deodoriser, our cleaning professionals at Assured Cleaning will make sure that your carpet remains spotless.

There is no need for a company to down tools during the day to allow us to work, as this would have a negative impact on your business. We provide commercial cleaning services using dry cleaning techniques for companies and commercial properties to prevent any disruptions to your business operations. We usually customise our cleaning methods to suit your commercial facilities, taking into account your business schedule and maintenance plan.

We clean carpets and workspaces when your company is closed to minimise any inconvenience. Commercial cleaning is like an investment for your business, as it helps to prolong the lifespan of your assets.

Assured Cleaning’s team is well-equipped to assist with various cleaning issues and accepts requests for commercial cleaning from a range of establishments, including hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and fitness clubs. The team’s top priority is to fulfil customers’ needs in order to establish strong relationships. They are fully trained and ready to tackle projects of any size, from small to large commercial cleaning contracts.

commercial carpet cleaning

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