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Contract Cleaning in Chorley

Assured Cleaning is a well-known and respected name in contract cleaning in the area. We provide commercial cleaning services in Fleetwood and have a strong reputation.

Commercial cleaning is an integral aspect of operating a business. It plays a vital role in maintaining hygiene and projecting a positive and professional image of the business. Also, it promotes a disease-free environment, enhances employee productivity, and creates a pleasant atmosphere for customers, giving a lasting impression.

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Commercial Cleaning Specialists

Hiring a professional cleaning company can offer various advantages to businesses. Our proficient cleaners possess the required knowledge and equipment to effectively sanitise your commercial space. We have the experience in identifying and resolving areas that need extra care. Additionally, we utilise high quality environmentally friendly cleaning supplies that ensure the safety of your staff. This method significantly enhances the quality of indoor air, fostering a healthier workplace environment.

Rather than having your employees dedicate half their time to cleaning, which ultimately delays the progress of their primary tasks, we can take away this burden completely. There is then the potential to boost productivity and efficiency, ultimately resulting in financial advantages for the company.

Maintaining business safety and cleanliness

Our team of professionals takes great pride in using the most efficient methods to ensure strict compliance with health and safety regulations for your business. This is particularly vital in sensitive environments like hospitals and educational facilities, where maintaining a clean and hygienic space is paramount. You can have complete confidence in our expert team who possess the extensive knowledge and skills required to thoroughly sanitise your business premises. By doing so, we greatly reduce the risk of disease transmission for both employees and visitors.

Prioritising the health and safety of individuals is a vital component of the current business environment, and our dedication to being at the forefront of this field is unwavering. Our objective is to provide our clients with a sense of assurance by guaranteeing that we are implementing all essential measures to protect their interests. Our rigorous health and safety protocols at Assured Cleaning can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Every member of our team will undergo extensive training on the operational aspects of your site, including fire evacuation routes, designated assembly points, and data sensitive areas. Everyone is DBS checked and wears a full uniform.

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Personalised Cleaning Plan

You will be assigned a contract manager and they will come in to discuss the plan, walk you through the route we will take, and make sure you are happy with all the details of your personalised cleaning schedule. We can discuss the best times to conduct the cleaning, as we don’t want to cause any disruption to your teams and their working day, so we work around you.

If you are in Chorley, wanting an affordable cleaning service, please feel free to contact us to discuss how are services can be beneficial to you.


Steph G.

Worked with Assured for over 15 years and they are very efficient and friendly company that provide a top class service. Would highly recommend them.

Darren R.

Easy to do deal and do professional job

Tara S.

Very good service, great place to work for!

Sophie O.

Worked with Alanna from Assured cleaning on many projects….high recommended.

Chris S.

Worked with Alanna from Assured cleaning on many projects….high recommended.

Josh S.

Assured cleaning is one of the best cleaning services out there they never hesitate to do a job and never seem to disapoint as when they finish the place shunes of how well of a excellent team they are highly recommended

Sean O.

I’m a mobile cleaning operative with assured cleaning services and I find that they are very efficient lovely helpful staff

Emil V.

Mike G.

Nathan S.

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